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"I am a college student, who was really never into fitness until I met Shredded to the core, whom I think looks amazing. When I contacted him to ask how he did it... This is when he introduced me to his workout routine, which I started from the fall semester and in a total of 4 months I gained 15 lbs, by increasing my body weight from 155 lbs to 170 lbs... Thank you Shredded to the core! And I plan on continuing these workouts because this is just the beginning for me to reach my goal."




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Transform your
body with EAZ

Your dream body starts now. Get started with your transformation today on EAZ Transform, where you can find game changing workout plans, track your progress, get one on one help from Marvin, and more! What are you waiting for? Start transforming your body today. 



Track Your Progress
Track your fitness and physique progress  with my in-app tools

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Get instant access to my latest fitness programs as I update them regularly 

Let's Chat
Ask questions and get personal messages from me through the chat feature

more about marvin

Marvin whom is also popularly known as Shredded to the core, a name which is more so a goal he had for himself during his body transformation period when everyone else called him "Starving Marvin".

He is also a Fitness Model, USA Body Physique National Champion and recent graduate in Chemical Engineering minoring in Mathematics & Chemistry.

With over 7 years of mastering the art of building an attractive physique. He has finally took on the interest of sharing his knowledge and expertise with the world by offering the exact strategy he used to transform his physique in 4 months which he emphasizes is more than enough time period to see amazing transformation.

He has transformed not only his body and life but countless others around the world. Are you next?

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